Madison now has its own Weather monitoring station, giving us local, current readings, as well as up to the minute reporting from the Earth Networks Total Lightning Network (TM) which is the largest lightning detection network in place. You can sign up here to receive notifications via email or text.

All coaches, parents, officials and spectators are encouraged to download the free WeatherBug Smartphone Ap which includes Spark Alert lightning detection.  All games, practices or sports gatherings on Borough fields are to be immediately suspended if the WeatherBug Spark Alert detects lightning less then 6 miles from the field location.  All players are to stay inside a fully enclosed building or vehicle until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike within a 6 mile range of the field.  

If the WeatherBug Spark Alert detection or alternate lightning detection system is not available, then the Flash-to-Bang Method should be used.  With the Flash-to-Bang Method, count the seconds from the time the lightning is sighted to when the clap of thunder is heard.  Divide this number by five to obtain how far away, in miles, the lightning is occurring.  If it reveals lightning to be within 6 miles (a 30 second count between the flash of lightning and the bang of thunder) activity is to be suspended and everyone should seek shelter immediately.  

During a game situation the activity will resume once the coaches and officials have conferred and the above criteria have been met.   

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By submitting this form you are agreeing to abide by the Borough Policy concerning lightning safety stated above, acknowledge that unsafe behavior is always a risk, and that the most important lighting safety practise is to seek appropriate shelter when thunder is heard.  There is always a risk that you may not be notified.  Subscribing to this system cannot replace common sense.