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Morris Memorial Society

(973) 540-9140
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P.O. Box 509
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

Morris Memorial Society

Today a growing number of people are seeking alternatives to the elaborate and expensive procedures of conventional funerals. The Morris Memorial Society is a non-profit consumer-organized group which offers simplicity and economy in funeral arrangements. It encourages members to express their wishes for their disposition and for a memorial service through planning.

Through pre-planning, Society members:

  • Eliminate guesswork as to their wishes at the time of death by informing family members of their choices. (Members should also inform family of the location of the pre-arrangement forms.) 
  • Avoid burdening survivors with last minute decisions and costly purchases during a time of grief and stress. 
  • Relieve loved ones of the need to plan the elaborate ceremonies usually associated with funerals.

The Society has made arrangements with several funeral directors, who provide either immediate cremation or burial at basic cost. Members indicate their choice of funeral director and disposition from the list and on the form sent to them when they join the Society. The survivors notify the pre-selected director at the time of death, and the desired services are initiated. The funeral director’s fee is payable at the time the services are rendered. Members are informed each year of the funeral director’s current fees.

TYPE 1: Cremation - The funeral director will call for the remains and place the body in a modest container. The body is cremated according to legal requirements. The funeral director arranges for the crematory to dispose of the ashes or return them to the survivors if desired. Two death certificates are provided.

TYPE 2: Simple Burial - The funeral director will call for the remains. The body, which is not embalmed, is placed in a wooden container. Burial takes place wherever the family requests.

Memorial services, if desired, are the responsibility of the survivors.