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Interfaith Council - Madison/Florham Park

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Interfaith Council of Madison and Florham Park

The Interfaith Council of Madison and Florham Park is a cooperative organization that brings together leaders and lay representatives from the area religious organizations. In addition,
there are affiliated service organizations included in membership.

The members of Interfaith Council meet periodically to discuss current issues which affect the local congregations. This group looks to provide ecumenical leadership to the community and work to establish a sound basis for community based ministries across the organizational boundaries.

The Interfaith Council sponsors several annu al events such as the Martin Luther King, Jr., Celebration, Pulpit Exchange and Thanksgiving Community Service.

Participating institutions include:

Statement of Purpose

The organizations have worked together to promote the open sharing of information. The institutions have agreed to a common set of information and have agreed to present information in a clear and open format which will show continuing respect for individuals as well as all other religious organizations represented at this site.

Please contact any member of the Interfaith Council should you have questions or comments.