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Friends of the Madison Education Endowment Fund

   In 1991 the Board of Education created the Endowment Fund to provide an additional resource for the promotion of special programs and activities to maintain a top-notch educational experience for all Madison students.

   Three years ago a number of Madisonians came together to form the "Friends." Our purpose is to raise monies to be contributed to the Endowment Fund. Like many other communities throughout the state and the country, we are concerned that budget cuts may result in the elimination of valuable enrichment activities for our students.

Some of the enrichment activities paid for through the Endowment fund include:

  • A visiting poet and an author for elementary school students schools.

  • A science lab for Junior School students.

  • A civil rights speaker at the High School.

Some highlights for 1998/99 include:

  • An ongoing membership drive.

  • A Winter concert

  • The continuing sale of the collectible Madison Heritage Poster.

   The "Friends" would like to invite you to join in this endeavor. We are sure that you agree with us about the important contribution our school system makes to the vitality of the Madison community.

Join us for our lively fourth year. Become an active "Friend" and "Help Madison Students To Soar Higher."

If you would like membership information, please download the form on the Membership Information page and return it to us at: