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Friends of Madison Shade Trees

Friends of Madison Shade Trees

  • Arbor Day
    Co-Sponsor with STMB and Elementary Schools since 1998
  • Baptist Church - Cook Avenue
    Donated Purple Plum to ‘Carol’s Garden’ Project
  • Belmont Avenue Housing Authority
    Donated 2 Weeping Cherry trees to enhance 2 new residence buildings
  • Central Avenue School Flagpole Path
    One of the first projects!  Planted Scholar trees and plum/cherry trees
    First Graders designed a special T-shirt to promote this partnership!
    Board of Ed Awarded recognition plaque, which hangs at Poor Herbie’s
  • Cole Park
    Added a viewing bench and paired Crabapples
  • Commuter Parking Lots 1, 2 and 3 – Kings Road Landscaping Projects (5)
    FMST was awarded SBA federal grants in each year (4) of the program to add hundreds of trees and shrubs, including the first publicly planted roses in the Rose City, as DPW reconstructed 3 parking lots.  From the early community partnership featuring the ‘Up with People’ concerts, to the young international volunteers helping us plant the first Rotary Red Roses at Prospect corner, our SBA awards also replaced the Street Trees along Kings Road from the YMCA overpass to Madison Ave in a Zelkova theme, and installed the treasured Rose Garden Park, finishing up with planting the Merchant Parking Lot on Green Avenue.
  • Commuter Parking Lots Trees Moved to Dodge Field
    Making way for a new Public Safety Building, FMST and STMB contracted to move 15 of the Maple trees in Commuter Lot 2-3 to a new hope shading the rebuilt Playground on Central.
  • Cook Avenue Senior Housing
    FMST responded to a request from the Housing Authority for trees
  • Dodge Field Playground/Chapel Street
    In need of shade, FMST responded to a request and planted 4 Trident Maples
  • East Main Street
    Using a National Tree Trust grant award, FMST extended the flowering pear tree signature of Downtown Madison, replanting this state-owned roadway with 54 more trees
  • Edwards Tree Rescue
    Supermarket construction called for removal of trees that FMST contracted to move to become street trees at Cole Park, enhancing the vista at the newly opened Rt. 24
  • Elm Street Affordable Housing Site
    The Housing Authority asked for help and we participated in new plantings.
  • Gibbons Pines Park
    This entrance to Madison has been enhanced by FMST and Boy Scout Troop 7
  • James Park
    The site of annual Memorial Day remembrances, FMST has planted theme cherry trees at this park and memorial trees from Arbor Day celebrations
  • Kings Road 
  • Kings Road Railroad Embankment  
    In partnership with NJTransit, ISTEA funding, *Intermodal Surface Transportation Enhancement Act, matched FMST funds to plant the 500-ft. corridor of the rail bed
  • Kings Road Trestle
    This proposed project has been shaped to bring the enhancements of the Kings Road plantings through the Trestle, recognizing it as a major entry to the Municipal corridor.  It involves flowering tree plantings to soften the electrical tower, plantings at the sub-station and decorative improvements to the historic cemetery wall exposure there.
  • Kings Road School
    Dist. 21 Legislators Kean, Munoz and Bramnick donated a Linden Tree and FMST facilitated.
  • Madison Avenue Wall Landscaping
    Recognizing the important vista of the historic wall and the new housing just north, FMST successfully obtained grant money to plant Ivory Silk Lilac and Maacia trees there
  • Madison Avenue Water Tower – Park Reforestation
    FMST has recognized the importance of replanting trees on public property, to recover Urban Canopy!  We have planted shrubs and trees to convert the once-barren site so it will one day look like ‘forest’ from the sky! DPW has helped install vital irrigation there.
  • Madison Community Pool Trees Moved From Stop n Shop
    Making way for a new Stop n Shop parking lot, FMST and STMB contracted to move several mature trees to the Madison Community Pool. The trees could no longer be used in their original site so they were relocated to a area that could benefit from more shade.
  • Madison High School Driveway/Flagpole
    High School students in the Environmental Club wanted our help to plant trees in the front of MHS.  We devised a ‘grant’ for them to apply for and teamed to do the planting!
  • Madison Junior School
    For a series of 5 years, FMST donated and supervised complete relandscaping of the façade of the Junior School as a focus of our Arbor Day fundraising and memorial donations
  • Madison Public Library
    FMST worked with the Friends of the Library in their campaign to upgrade the MFPL and assisted with special planting at this important site.
  • Madison Senior Gardens
  • Main Street Replacements
  • Maple Avenue Re-planting
    One of our earliest efforts!  FMST partnered with the Boro when Maple Avenue was reconstructed, working with the engineers to save significant trees by reshaping sidewalks and interrupting block curbing, and installing 20 new trees, all designed to be Maple varieties – a demonstration of better outcomes enhancing Boro investments!
  • Memorial Park
    There are several small projects at Memorial Park.  We had tried to start a Memorial dogwood garden years ago, but water was a problem.  We have a commemorative White Oak planted for the Y2K Graduation Gala there.  A fir from METC was transferred there by FMST when the Museum installed its sign – it’s at the Ice Rink entrance!
  • Museum of Early Trades & Crafts Landscaping
    FMST agreed to undertake relandscaping of the METC building, with the help of Woodland Tree Co.  Overgrown plantings were properly shaped, new plants were added including a pair of flowering Amelanchier trees. 
  • Museum of Early Trades & Crafts Fir Moved to Memorial Park
    This cooperation is mentioned in the Memorial Park section above.
  • Presbyterian Church Cemetery Wall - Kings Road
    The Church leaders asked for our assistance in beautifying the lovely old stone wall visible for a length at the Kings Rd. trestle.  Our initial effort has involved planting a row of Miss Kim Lilac bushes there, along with other plants to begin to enhance the adjacent sub-station.
  • Presbyterian Church/Merchant Parking Lot Trees - 2007
    Working with the Presbyterian Church neighbors, FMST agreed to a plan for new trees and changes to improve the parking lot during reconstruction
  • Railroad Station
    The federally funded T-21 Relandscaping of the historic Madison Railroad Station was finally implemented in 2010!  This improvement added over $100,000 value to the entire block which is home to the Station, completing several million dollars of restoration and ADA compliance work implemented by NJTransit.  FMST partnered with Friends of Madison Train Station (FMTS) in this substantial endeavor, which has enhanced all entrances to the station, stabilized steep slopes, provided seasonal interest, and features a full irrigation system to assure ease of maintenance in the future.
  • Rose Garden Park Refurbishing, Planting and Maintenance
    RGP has been the hallmark of FMST’s efforts to meet its Mission.  Designed as a ‘group effort’ from a sketch envisioned by Trustee Cathie Coultas, the RGP today is a stable and serene pocket park in the Central Business District, maintained by FMST with help from STMB, DPW and the Garden Club of Madison.  Master Gardener Nancy Critchley is our ‘elbow grease’.
  • Rose Propagation Program
    Still in the working stages, FMST hopes to reproduce the roses in the Rose Garden in order to have replacements as plants age and need to be removed.  These new rose bushes could also be a source of fundraising projects. 
  • Torey J. Sabatini School
    Planted a tree for Arbor Day in conjunction with the video, "How to plant a tree".
  • Tuttle Oak Preservation
    The famous Tuttle Oak graced the center of Prospect Street for generations!  When it was felled by a moving van of a winter’s eve in 1997, FMST was on hand to ask Boro authorities for permission to be custodians of the wood!  FMST made arrangements, with assistance from the director of the Museum of Early Trades & Crafts, to locate a vendor who could properly dry the wood and prepare it for being worked into useable souvenirs and wood products to venerate the tree.  Notably, for many years, an FMST Trustee produced an annual holiday ornament which was sold downtown, as were picture frames, bird feeders, pen stands, etc.!    FMST also produced educational packets for school children, under the watchful eye of botanist Florence Zuck, with acorns from the remarkable tree.  There are many baby ‘Tuttle Oaks’ in town, and offspring planted at the Library.
  • Waverly Green Parking Lot Landscaping