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Nature Nuts!

Are your children looking for something fun to do this summer? 

Join Nature Nuts at Memorial Park on Rosedale Ave!  Only $25 for all FIVE WEEKS! (June 30th - July 31st)

Nature Nuts is designed for Madison children who have completed first through sixth grades. Each week will have a different nature theme including games, crafts, walks, talks and presentations!

Sign up on June 29th from 1-3PM at Memorial Park or just come to a class and sign up! 

Classes Monday - Thursday

For Kids That Completed...

1st or 2nd Grade: 9AM-10:15AM

3rd or 4th Grade: 10:30AM-11:45AM

5th or 6th Grade: 12:30PM - 2PM 


Click here for an electronic version of the program's flyer.

For more information contact or email:

  • Cathie Coultas, 973-377-2292 or cathietree@aol.com

  • Paul Allocco, 973-277-2792 or palloccojr@yahoo.com

  • Zach Ellis (Recreation Director), 973-593-3097 or recreation@rosenet.org