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Project Community Pride

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Q: Can I schedule an appointment for my family directly with Project Pride or does a school or police officer have to make a referral?
A: Families are welcome to call us at any time to schedule an intake. Self-referrals are becoming a large percentage of our referrals.

Q: My child is in kindergarten. Can he/she participate in the divorce support group?
A: The Divorce Support Group is limited to elementary students in grades 2 through 5. Younger children may have a hard time following the material and adapting to the older children in the group.

Q: How can I volunteer with Project Pride?
A: Because of the confidentiality of our work, unlicensed volunteers cannot work directly with our patients. However, we are always in need of volunteers to help with fundraising. If you are interested in helping our program raise money, please contact us. We would appreciate your help.

Q: What is your Girls' Group about?
A: Project Pride Girls' Group is open to high school girls from the community. The group meets one evening a week and is run by one of our female therapists. It is a combination of support, discussion, social recreation, and psychoeducation. Topics covered in the group include self-esteem, self-respect, relationships, stress, and social pressures. Girls who become members are given a free membership to the YMCA as long as their group attendance is consistent. 

Q: What is your Boys' Group about?
A: Project Pride Boys' Group is open to high school boys from the community. The group meets one evening a week and is run by our male therapist. Boys who attend play sports, eat dinner, and engage in discussions with the leader and each other. Topics covered in the group include personal responsibility, healthy dating relationships, and social pressures. Boys who maintain consistent group attendance are given a free membership to the YMCA.

Q: Can Project Pride help someone who only speaks Spanish?
A: Project Community Pride offers bilingual services to Spanish-speaking families. 

Q: I always thought Project Pride was just for kids who got in trouble. Can my child attend even if he/she was not referred by the police?
A: Project Pride began over 30 years ago through a community-wide effort to address the behavioral and emotional needs of youth who became involved with the law.  We continue this tradition today by providing counseling to families with children who have committed minor infractions.  In addition, a large portion of our referrals now come from schools and families interested in voluntary counseling. We offfer therapy to local children between the ages of 5 and18 for issues including depression, anxiety, divorce support, grief, and social struggles. 

Q: My teenager was referred to Project Pride by the police. Does this mean he is mandated to attend counseling and complete community service?
A: When a teenager is referred to us by the police for juvenile misconduct, participation with Project Pride is strictly voluntary and is offered in lieu of charges. This program is a gift to families in this community as a way to offer young people a  chance to learn from their mistake. If a family chooses not to participate, the juvenile will be referred back to the police to discuss an alternative consequence. 

Q: We live in Morristown. Can we schedule an appointment at Project Community Pride?
A: Unfortunately Project Community Pride's services are offered only to the three participating communities: Madison, Florham Park, and Chatham Borough. 

Q: Can my child receive medication through Project Pride?
A: Project Community Pride is staffed by licensed therapists who treat children and their families through weekly therapy. The program, however, does not have a psychiatrist (medical doctor) on staff. In order to receive medication, a child must have a psychiatric evaluation by a psychiatrist. The doctor may then prescribe medication if necessary. Project Pride coordinates care with psychiatrists so children can continue to receive therapy through our agency.