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Historic Preservation Commission


The Members of the Historic Preservation Commission are:

Four-year term through December 31, 2018
William Van Ryzin, Class C Regular

Two-year term through December 31, 2016
David Luber, Alt. #2

One-year term through December 31, 2015
Patrick Rowe, Council Liaison

Through December 31, 2017
John Solu, Regular Class C

Through December 31, 2016
John ForteClass C Regular 
Janet FosterClass A Regular 
Carmine Toto, Regular - Class C
David Luber, Alt #2

Through December 31, 2015
Alberta Marcy, Regular - Class C 
Joseph Longo, Regular - Class B
Margaret Weisgerber, Alt #1

Laurie Hagerich, Recording Secretary

The Historic Preservation Commission consists of five regular members and two alternate members. At least one member shall be designated of each of the following classes:

  1. Class A.   A person who is knowledgeable in building design and construction or architectural history and who may reside outside the municipality.
  2. Class B.   A person who is knowledgeable or with a demonstrated interest in local history and who may reside outside the municipality.
  3. Class C.   Citizens of the municipality who shall hold no other municipal office, position or employment except for membership on the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment. At least one Class C member shall be the owner of commercial property within Madison.
  4. Alternate Members shall meet the qualifications of Class C members. At the time of appointment, alternate members shall be designated as "Alternate No. 1" and "Alternate No. 2."  Of the five regular members, a total of at least one less than a majority shall be of Classes A and B.

All members are appointed by the Mayor. The Commission elects a Chairman and Vice-Chairman from its members and selects a Secretary who may or may not be a member of the Commission or a municipal employee. The term of office is four years for regular members and two years for alternates. Refer to Chapter 112-3 of the Borough Codefor more information about the Historic Preservation Commission.