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Fire Department

(973) 593-3021
(973) 301-2352
Madison Public Safety Building
62 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)

Fire Chiefs

Chief Louie E. DeRosa III

Chief Douglas O. Atchison

Chief Thomas J. Kiernan  1989-1991

Chief William G. Prentiss  1986-1989

Chief James M. McCormack  1975-1986

Chief John J. McLaughlin  1967-1975

Chief Edward F. Daniher

Borough Ordinance No.763 was adopted on April 8th 1963 authorized the position of paid captain.

Chief Robert L. Chambers 

On April 14, 1958 the Borough Council adopted an ordinance which provided for the appointment of a paid Fire Chief.  A Deputy Chief and 1st & 2nd Assistant Chiefs would be appointed annually by the Borough Council to serve without compensation.

Chief Reginald P. Lum 
1934 –1949

Chief John H.R. Meyers  1931-1934

By amendment, approved July 14, 1930, appointment of both assistant Chiefs was delegated to the Mayor of Madison, subject to approval by the Borough Council.

Chief Issac R. Wilson  1926 –1930 

Chief Samuel A. Gruver
  1921 –1925

Chief Benyew D. Philhower

Chief Edward F. Daniher
 1918 –1919

Chief James H. Cavanaugh  1916 –1917

Chief Samuel A. Gruver
  1912 –1915

Chief Daniel M. Shea - 1911

Prior to 1910 the position of fire chief or foreman was selected by the membership.  When the Hose Company was formed in 1910, a borough ordinance went into effect in which the mayor appointed the Fire Chief.  1st and 2nd Assistant Chiefs were elected by the membership.

Chief Alfred P. Smith  1908 –1910

Chief John B. McGrath  1905 –1907

The first fire chief of the Madison Fire Department was elected on December 4, 1906 when Chief McGrath was made head of the department.  Previous to that time the department heads had been known as foreman.

Chief J. Lovell Paulmier  1904

Chief John G. Becker  1901 –1903 

Chief James E. Burnet Sr. - 1900

Chief William V. Perry
  1898 –1899

Chief Charles F. Force  1896 –1897

Chief Edward F. Frenz  1884

Chief Marcus B. Crane  1890 –1893 

Chief Edward T. Absalon  1889

Chief Edward H. DeHart   1886 –1888

Chief A.S. Force  1885

Chief Charles F. Force 

Chief James A. Post  1882 –1883

Chief William S. Denman