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Notice for residents on Ridgedale Avenue in Madison. Cifelli & Son Construction, the General Contractor retained by the Borough of Madison, intends to start the road improvements, weather conditions permitting, before the end of July and complete the project by October. Work will be phased to minimize access limitations for the public. Your cooperation is requested during the time of construction in order to minimize interruption of construction work and allow the contractor to finish as soon as possible. Temporary Parking on a minor local street within 1000 feet of your home/business may be anticipated with the cooperation of the Police Department. Emergency “NO PARKING” will be enforced by the Police Department during construction if vehicles impede progress. Specific scheduling problems may be directed to the office of the Borough Engineer. The Police Department can be contacted for traffic information and assistance. This final phase of improvements on Ridgedale Ave will last for many years now that all subsurface utility work has now been completed. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION ! THE BOROUGH OF MADISON

FEMA Draft Flood Insurance Studies

Please note the Federal Emergency Management Agency has published DRAFT revisions to the existing Madison Flood Insurance Study and Rate Map (which now includes certain requested private property owner map amendments). The new study maintains the original flood calculations from July 1979, March 1984 and April 2002 without significant revision, as follows : FLOOD INSURANCE STUDY (FIS) 34027CV001A 03/11/2015 812K FLOOD INSURANCE RATE MAP (FIRM) 34027C0318F 03/11/2015 27.9M FLOOD INSURANCE RATE MAP (FIRM) 34027C0319F 03/11/2015 30.4M These studies and maps can be viewed directly on the FEMA web site at the following URL address; https://hazards.fema.gov/femaportal/prelimdownload/ Paper copies of the study also exist in Madison Borough Hall in the office of the Engineer.

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