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Building Construction Department

(973) 593-3064
(973) 593-3064
(973) 593-4955
Hartley Dodge Memorial Building
50 Kings Road
Madison, NJ 07940 (map)


For all inspections, please call 973.593.3064; when calling for inspections, your permit number and type of inspection  is required.

Inspections are performed on Monday thru Friday.

The following inspections are required by N.J.A.C.  5:23-2.18

New Buildings - Additions - Renovations

1.  Footing inspection (prior to pouring concrete)
2.  Backfill of foundation (including footing drains when applicable)
3a.  Electrical rough wiring  
3b.  Fire smoke detector location inspection (BY FIRE INSPECTOR)
4.  Rough plumbing
5.  Framing
6.  Basement floor/garage floor (prior to pouring)
7.  Insulation
8.  Final electric
9.  Final plumbing
10.  Final building
11.  Final fire protection
12.  Water meter inspection (new dwellings)