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Union Beach Campathon

Madison Town Wide Garage Sale & Seton Hall Prep Flea Market
Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Join with the Borough of Madison in our town's efforts to assist Union Beach New Jersey in their continued recovery after Hurricane Sandy. 

The Borough of Madison Partnership with Union Beach is reaching out to our community to support sending Union Beach children to area YMCA Summer Camps.  The lives of the children continue to be disrupted by the effects of Superstorm Sandy as families continue to rebuild and find a sense of normalcy.  A week of summer camp will provide some of these children with a week away to enjoy some fun,and get a break from the ongoing sense of loss and disruption to their lives. Three YMCA camps have offered to  join with this Madison Community initiative:

  • Camp Spears- Eljabar YMCA Camps 
  • Fairview Lake YMCA Camp 
  • Frost Valley YMCA Camp 

Over 50 families from Union Beach have expressed an interest in sending children to one of these camps.  As a community, we would like to provide the financial support to provide a week away for these children. The camps have offered significant discounts, so each campership will cost approximately $650.00. By participating in the town-wide garage sale on April 20,2013, you can designate a percentage of your earnings to this very wonderful cause. Whether it be $5.00 or $50.00, every dollar will go toward these camperships. How fortunate we are to have the ability to provide these children with a "break" from the relentless effects of Super Storm Sandy.

What is a town wide garage sale?

Thinking of having a garage sale this spring? April 20th has been established as the Borough of Madison town -wide garage sale.

Participants register on-line and post their location and description of their garage sale. Participants receive free advertisement for their garage sale, map location and hours of operation.

Each individual, neighborhood or organization determines through an honor system what percentage of their proceeds from the sale will go the Union Beach YMCA Campership. This program will support sending Union Beach children to camp this summer.

How do you participate?

Is there a rain date?

No, the Madison Town-Wide Garage sale is a rain or shine event.

Seton Hall Prep Flea Market

On the same day Seton Hall Prep Students will hold a flea market to benefit Project PAUL a food bank, counseling center, appliance and furniture distribution center servicing those in need in the Union Beach area.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church
44 Benvenue Avenue

West Orange, NJ
9 am - 2 pm

Flea Market Rain Date is the following Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Not planning on having a garage sale?

We ask you to enjoy the day shopping and support the neighborhood garage sales. Click here to see the locations of the Garage Sales here in Madison. OR, stop by the flea market run by Seton Hall Prep to support Project PAUL.

Many of the people in Union Beach lost their homes and their possessions. April 20,2013 will offer a wonderful opportunity to find some bargains, and help out people in need.