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Paintings by Karen Matte

Karen has always been passionate about art. From her earliest creations as a child, she has enjoyed expressing herself in a variety of media. When the long hours and commute as a Goldman Sachs executive made it difficult to take art instruction and paint, she became a collector, traveler, and photographer, storing up images and ideas for when she would have time to paint. Now happily into her second career as an artist, Karen enjoys capturing the world as she sees it, working with different media to best convey the subject and to create an inner light. She never ceases to be thrilled when a three dimensional form begins to emerge from the flat canvas.

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  • A Certain Light
    A Certain Light
  • A Certain Moon
    A Certain Moon
  • Autumn Quiet
    Autumn Quiet
  • By The River
    By The River
  • Cedar Path
    Cedar Path
  • Endless Marsh
    Endless Marsh
  • Fall Reflection
    Fall Reflection
  • Foreshadow
  • Marsh Stream
    Marsh Stream
  • Nestled
  • Night Path
    Night Path
  • Purple Sunset
    Purple Sunset
  • Solitary Barn
    Solitary Barn
  • Treeline with Field
    Treeline with Field
  • Treeline with Rising Moon
    Treeline with Rising Moon