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Alarm Registration


  1. 1. Agreement
  2. 2. Registration
  3. 3. Emergency Contacts
  4. 4. Special Conditions
  • Agreement

    1. Alarm Registration - NEW REGISTRANTS ONLY
      This registration form is only to be used by homeowners registering an alarm for the first time. If you are renewing your permit and you have not received renewal paperwork in the mail, please contact the Records Bureau at (973) 593-3015/3016.
    2. Alarm Type
    3. Fees
      Local audible alarm fee is $40.00, Central Station fee is $40.00 which means you have an alarm company monitoring your alarm system, Automatic prerecorded redialing alarms are prohibited.
    4. Penalties for False Alarms
      The holder of any permit shall be assessed a fine for each false alarm in excess of five in any one calendar year. The fine shall be as follows: sixth false alarm - $50.00 fine, seventh false alarm - $75.00 fine, eighth & subsequent false alarm $100.00 fine.
    5. Penalty
      Failure to file required documents and fees may result in fines of $25 per month the registration and fees are not filed, Borough fines/summons, and/or removal of direct alarms from the police alarm systems. Alarm registration and operation requirements are listed in Borough Ordinance 54. This Ordinance will require all alarms be registered with the Madison Police Department as of June 1st of each calendar year. All permits expire the last week in May of every year. Failure to register any alarm system will result in the issuance of a summons, answerable in Madison Municipal Court, bearing a fine that shall be no less that $100 or exceed $1,000.
    6. Registration Agreement*