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What has been accomplished in Madison's GIS?
Madison retained a Geographic Information System (GIS) consultant to work on basic parcel mapping on Dec. 28, 1998 (R178-98) and on Sept. 13, 1999 (R125-99). On April 20, 2000, a compact disk was published containing the parcel maps and several basic layered coverages such as roads, parcels, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, fire hydrant, utility pole locations, etc. There has been additional work done to add basic topography and state digital aerial color photography to the collection of coverage. In the latter part of 2001, several meetings were held with the County of Morris in order to coordinate the use of updated GIS information including high resolution digital aerial ortho-photography and geo-referenced digital tax maps in exchange for periodic maintenance by the Borough staff.

Many internet based coverage have been produced by staff and posted to the Rosenet (under Engineering Department/Borough Maps) for access and use by the public, thereby providing evidence of product for the initial costs of data acquisition. There are also Computer Aided Drafting/Design (CADD) drawings available on the Rosenet, as accomplished through staff, although access time/file size is large.

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1. What has been accomplished in Madison's GIS?
2. How does Madison benefit from the GIS data?
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