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What is a Municipal ID?

For many residents, municipal ID cards provide meaningful access to civic and economic life that they simply would not otherwise have. Municipal IDs are identification cards issued by local governments to all local residents. They feature the photo of the cardholder, along with other basic identifying information such as address and date of birth. Although available to all residents of a city, the cards are particularly valuable for the most vulnerable community members—undocumented immigrants, the homeless, foster youth, the elderly, formerly incarcerated individuals, and others who may have difficulty obtaining other government-issued ID.

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1. What is a Municipal ID?
2. How many cities in New Jersey have a Municipal ID?
3. Why is this card necessary?
4. Where are Municipal IDs accepted?
5. Do Municipal IDs grant immigrants access to benefits?
6. Isn’t there a County ID program for this purpose?
7. How is this better/different from a State-issued ID from motor vehicles?
8. What benefits are associated with the Madison ID card?
9. Can this card also be used as a Library Card?
10. What services are provided through the Library card?
11. Can you get the Madison ID if you already have a Library card?
12. How can a municipality protect itself against fraud?
13. How will the Borough of Madison protect the privacy of applicants to the ID program?
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