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Why did we go through this revaluation?
It was mandated by Morris County consistent with New Jersey state law. The last revaluation was effective 13 years ago in 2000. It is appropriate to have properties assessed at close to, if not at, current market value. Prior to the revaluation, the official assessed property values were less than 60% of the market value. Hence, it is clear that Madison was overdue for a revaluation.

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1. Why did we go through this revaluation?
2. Why are the tax bills marked estimated?
3. Am I correct in multiplying the amount due in August by 4 to calculate my annual tax?
4. Why wasn’t the assessed value of all houses increased by the same amount?
5. I thought the revaluation would not affect the taxes on my home but it has. Why is that?
6. What can I do if I believe that the revaluation of my home is too high?
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