What software is needed?
Many wireless Internet laptops will automatically find the wireless network and automatically configure the WiFi network card to XXX. Windows XP contains software in the operating system to automatically find wireless networks within range of the laptop. If your laptop has trouble finding the network, it could be a problem with the network card configuration information or with the software.

Check your manufacturer’s literature for wireless card configuration information to make sure that the card is configured with MPLTrain, MPLChild, and MPLAdmin and does not have data security encryption enabled.

For software problems you should consider downloading a free utility from Boingo that will find wireless networks. You don’t have to subscribe to the Boingo service to use the free utility program on their website.

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1. What is wireless Internet and what do I need to use it?
2. How does it work?
3. What software is needed?
4. What can I do from this access point?
5. Are radio signals safe?
6. Are my data or email secured?
7. Can the library staff help me configure my computer?