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How is this better/different from a State-issued ID from motor vehicles?

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission State ID and driver’s license require that applicants complete a rigorous six-point documentation verification, that thousands of Madison residents simply cannot complete because they lack the required documentation. Therefore, the State issued ID is not available to many residents. The Madison ID card will also have a rigorous application process. Applicants must submit proof of identity and residency in Madison, and these documents will be authenticated using state of the art technology. It is critical to preserve the validity of the IDs while also protecting our residents’ privacy. However, the documents accepted to apply for a Madison ID are more flexible and accessible to the vast majority of residents.

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1. What is a Municipal ID?
2. How many cities in New Jersey have a Municipal ID?
3. Why is this card necessary?
4. Where are Municipal IDs accepted?
5. Do Municipal IDs grant immigrants access to benefits?
6. Isn’t there a County ID program for this purpose?
7. How is this better/different from a State-issued ID from motor vehicles?
8. What benefits are associated with the Madison ID card?
9. Can this card also be used as a Library Card?
10. What services are provided through the Library card?
11. Can you get the Madison ID if you already have a Library card?
12. How can a municipality protect itself against fraud?
13. How will the Borough of Madison protect the privacy of applicants to the ID program?
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