Body-Worn Cameras

The Madison Police Department is proud to join the growing ranks of law enforcement agencies that deployed body-worn video cameras on police officers.  Currently our Parking Enforcement Officer is equipped with a camera, however in the near future all uniformed Police Officers assigned to Patrol Division will be utilizing these cameras to increase the quality of interactions with our community and to more accurately capture encounters.  The cameras will be used in accordance with the guidelines established by the New Jersey Attorney General and the directive issued by the Morris County Prosecutors Office.

Benefits of Body Worn Cameras:

The Madison Police Department wants this new technology to enhance and improve our relationship with you.  Effective policing is achieved through strong partnerships with all of you and all our citizens.  Public trust is fundamental to that partnership. 

Body Cameras are proven to:

  • Improve transparency among Public Safety
  • Enhance Accountability and Trust
  • Reduce Complaints against Officers
  • Make prosecutions more efficient and effective

What will Body Footage Show?

Body Worn Camera footage is similar to footage from a cell phone camera. BWCs will be mounted to an officer’s uniform. The cameras will point away from the officer and will capture images in the camera’s field of vision. Citizens who interact with police officers will be recorded on body camera footage.