How to Donate

As generations in the past planted the trees whose mature beauty we enjoy today, we, in turn, plant to ensure that our children will also live in a tree shaded world.  Your gift will help us plant more trees!

Friends of Madison Shade Trees, Inc.
P.O. Box 632
Madison, NJ 07940

Dear Neighbor and Friend of Madison Shade Trees,

     We plant trees.  Hundreds of them over the last decades– in Madison’s parks and along its streets.  Since 1989 we’ve been making small parks where there were none (like the Rose Garden at the corner of Green Avenue and Kings Road), planting trees in parking lots and along major roads, and adding trees to public projects to save costs.  We’ve worked with the NJ Tree Foundation, with the Garden Club, our Shade Tree Management Board, the Borough Council, the Eagle and Venture Scouts at their project by the Kings Road trestle, and with NJ Transit and Friends of Madison Train Station in re-landscaping the train station because we love trees and we know how essential trees and sustainable green spaces are to Madison’s well-being.

     “We” are FMST, Friends of Madison Shade Trees, an entirely non-profit, entirely volunteer, entirely NO-Madison-Tax-Dollars-Used service organization (though we confess to applying for and receiving state and federal grants to Madison’s benefit). “We” includes you because, like you, FMST is committed to the continued green health of Madison. It is your donations that make our work possible. Please join us again this year.

     With this letter comes our hope that you will actively continue to support FMST.    Please volunteer your time or send your tax-deductible contribution to the Friends of Madison Shade Trees, Inc., P.O. Box 632, Madison, N.J.  07940.   

     Please help us continue to plant and to nurture the trees and green spaces of Madison – it’s the work and the world our children will inherit.

    Thank you, 

         The Board of Trustees of the Friends of Madison Shade Tree