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Fall Safety

  • Fireplaces are starting to be used again and chimneys should be cleaned. 
  • Ashes from fireplace should be cool before removing.
  • Ashes should be placed in metal containers when removing and not kept inside or near combustibles. 
  • Borough of Madison does not allow open burning of leaves. 
  • Don't park your vehicle directly over leaf piles.
  • Since October is Fire Prevention Month, this is a great time to practice your home fire escape plan!
  • Change your clock/change batteries in your detectors! 
  • Check the date on your detectors: 5 for Carbon Monoxide, 10 for Smoke Detectors

Halloween Fire Safety

Thanksgiving Fire Safety

Thanksgiving has historically been the worst day for cooking fires.  Christmas being the second worst. The biggest problem is the unattended cooking. With that said, the #1 fire tip for Thanksgiving is stay close to your kitchen so you can keep an eye on your stove! Never leave the house to "pick something up" at the grocery store!

The other popular problem on Thanksgiving is the "Deep Fried Turkey". These fryers are meant to be used OUTSIDE! They should not be used on a wood deck or near the house. Turkeys should NOT be frozen when you fry them, And be sure you don't overfill the fryer! 

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