Hook and Ladder 1882 Stone
This stone was place at the truck house. It was moved across the street to the 1903 Firehouse. It was removed from the 1903 firehouse during demolition in November of 2008. 
Trumpets C. 1890's
Trumpets or "horns" were functional as well as decorative. These were used to render orders on the fire ground. The were also used in parades and often "stuffed" with flowers. Today, the horns are still used today in emblems showing rank. A single horn being a Lieutenant and up to the "5 horn" being the Chief. These horns date back to early 1900's. Pictured is 2nd Assistant Chief D M Shea in 1905.
Chief Sheatmb
Parade Uniform 1899
Hook and Ladder parade uniform shown here in front of the 1st firehouse built in 1882.
Parade Belttmb
Parade Belt 1899
Hook and Ladder parade uniform shown here in front of the 1st firehouse built in 1882.
floor bricktmb
1903 firehouse Floor Cobble
This is an original creosote floor cobble from the 1903 firehouse.
Various helmets and helmet shields C. 1905
These shields were custom made with the members' names initials. This one belonged to Edward O'Donnell located third fireman from left seated.
1921 Ahrens Fox
A gift of Geraldine Dodge in 1921, our Ahrens Fox was sold in 1960 and was re-discovered in 2011. A fundraiser was able to return this piece of history back to Madison. 
Seth Thomas Regulator #2
Circa 1929, this clock hung in the 1903 firehouse until it was moved to the Hartley Dodge in 1935 then to it's current location in "volunteer" room of the firehouse.
1903 clocktmb
The Fire Pole
This fire pole was originally at the Hartley Dodge Memorial and was moved over to the new firehouse. Gerladine Dodge herself actually slid down this pole winning a bet that she wouldn't do it. 
Gamewell Belltmb
Gamewell Bell
Originally in the apparatus room above the dispatch desk at the Hartley Dodge, the bell is now next to the fire pole. It was recently put "Back in Service" in 2015 along with two other bells. The bells now announce a fire call before the dispatch. 
1906 Hose "Jumper"
This "Wirt Knox" hose jumper was given to the Madison Fire Department by the Twombly Estate. The cart was first restored by firemen Rick Sweeney and Jayme La Jeunesse (shown right; in red)  in 1975. The cart was restored again in 2011 were it remains in the firehouse on the second floor lobby.
"Toy" Trucks
The top ladder truck is supposedly a replica of our first ladder truck. It was presented to the Fire Department on June 6, 1904. The truck was built by Hugh Kinnard of Park Avenue. The bottom truck is a Smith Miller ladder truck circa 1950's. Pictured right is Chief Robert Chambers at our 75th anniversary in 1956 posing with the trucks.
chambers toystmb
Orig Cover Arttmb
75th Anniversery Cover Art
Original pen and ink drawing for the 75th program cover.
75th Anniversarytmb
Volunteer "Blue Light" c. 1960
This blue light was mounted on the front grill or bumper. The one pictured here is connected to a 9v battery in the volunteer room.
"Giralda"Geese Hood Ornament
The three geese was the symbol of Giralda Farms. These were on apparatus that Geraldine Dodge helped pay for or downright donated. The exception was the Ahrens Fox which did not have one. Pictured here is the 1949 Mack. We are not sure which apparatus this came from.