Alarm Registration

FirePolicePursuant to Chapter 38 of the ordinances of the Borough of Madison, all residential and business alarm systems must be registered with the Madison Police Department.

New alarms may be registered online.  An annual fee of $40.00 for residences and for businesses is required and should be submitted to the Madison Police Department Records Bureau.

New Alarm Registration Form
This form is for new alarms only and is not to be used for renewals.

Questions? Please contact 973-593-3016.

Keeping your information current

Once your alarm system has been registered, it is important to keep the information you have on record with the police department up-to-date. Businesses should be especially diligent to ensure that their emergency contact information is always correct. To update any aspect of your alarm registration information, please contact 973-593-3016.

Online Business Emergency Contact Form
PDF Business Emergency Contact Form

Borough Alarm Ordinance

The Effects of False Alarms

  • Police officers and firefighters are taken away from genuine emergencies.
  • Neighbors tend to ignore the alarm when it goes off; subsequently the system becomes less reliable and less credible.
  • First responders are put into danger unnecessarily while  responding to false alarms.

If a False Alarm Occurs

  • Do not call 9-1-1.
  • Stay off the telephone.
  • Carefully turn off (disarm) the alarm.
  • The alarm monitoring service should call immediately. If they do not call, call them.
  • Tell them that there was a false activation and give them the secret password.
  • Keep the verification, cancellation instructions and monitoring company phone numbers hidden, but accessible.

Preventing False Alarms

  • Secure all doors and windows before arming the system.
  • Be ready before arming the system. If you set the alarm and remember something, turn the alarm off, get what you forgot, and then re-arm the system.
  • Know the system and share that knowledge with those who need to know. If you give them the key to the property, then give them the code and instructions to operate the system.
  • Make sure everyone in the home or business has manually operated the alarm system, knows any codes necessary, and understands what to do if any should accidentally activate.
  • Make sure that rooms with motion sensors are free of pets, wind, party decorations, or anything else that can activate them by accident.
  • Test the alarm system at least once a month to confirm that it is in correct working order. If you have any doubts call the alarm company immediately for service. When testing the alarm do not forget to first notify the alarm monitoring company.