Paul Mueller

Photography by Paul Mueller
Paul Mueller is a high school history teacher in Madison, New Jersey. His second passion, besides teaching history and psychology, is photography.

Paul has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. to capture its beauty on film and in digital. He has also participated in a number of Popular Photography Magazine's Mentor Series photo trips to national parks and scenic American places. Additionally, he has participated in numerous National Endowment for the Humanities summer seminars and institutes. Paul has posted some of the photos he took while studying history at these historic sites. He hopes you enjoy his work.

Just a few of the categories you'll find there are: Baseball Players- Past and Present, Baseball Stadiums, Waterfalls, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Beautiful Sunsets, American Pueblo Indians, Kentucky in April, Civil Rights Sites in Alabama, Inside Elvis's Graceland Mansion, and much more.

Set some time aside to browse this beautiful, extensive collection. You'll feel like you've just traveled a little, yourself.

Photographs by Paul Mueller