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Planning & Zoning Applications
The Planning Board and Zoning Board are to refer to the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) any application for development for any historic site designated on the Zoning Map. There are currently some 110 sites on the official Zoning Map scattered around town, including the downtown historic district. This review is for advice and recommendation to the Planning Board and Zoning Board only, and is not binding on those boards.

Historic Properties

Buildings within the downtown historic district, the Madison Civic and Commercial Historic District, and the Bottle Hill Historic District, along Ridgedale Avenue, are listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. Buildings and sites within these Historic Districts will require a “Certificate of Historic Review” for any exterior changes. The Certificate of Historic Review indicates that the HPC has had an opportunity to review and comment upon proposed work before it is commenced. The review with the HPC is mandatory, but the owner’s compliance with the HPC’s recommendations arising from that review is voluntary.

When an applicant seeks demolition of a building within the historic districts by applying for a demolition permit from the Borough, the HPC will be required to issue a Certificate of Historic Review.

The HPC may, in circumstances of planned demolition, place conditions upon the demolition or upon the subsequent construction to take place on the site of the demolished building. These conditions are to be binding upon the applicant. It is the intent of the ordinance to thereby regulate the exterior appearance of new construction so that it remains compatible with the other existing structures within the historic district.

If someone proceeds without a Certificate of Historic Review, they may be notified by the Zoning Officer to immediately seek a review. If HPC review is neglected in the case of demolition, the applicant will be required to pay fines according to the Zoning Ordinance of the Borough, and may be required to return the building to its appearance before the unauthorized work.
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