Background Checks and Safety Training for Coaches

Protecting Our Youth

In accordance with Recreation Department policy, all youth program coaches will be required to submit to a background check either through their respective programs or through the Protect Youth Sports online screening process at their own expense. The background check costs $16.90.

An approved background check is valid across all Madison youth programs for 1 full year. Some programs may have additional requirements.

If you would like to submit your information for an electronic background check, you may do so by visiting the Protect Youth Sports Background Check website.


After you complete the background check, you will receive a link via e-mail for a training program on child safety as it pertains to abuse and neglect. Once you successfully complete the 25-question quiz with a passing grade, you will be added to the list of approved coaches.

All information obtained by the Recreation Department will be kept strictly confidential.

Disqualifying Offenses

For a list of potential disqualifying offenses, please refer to New Jersey State Public Law 1999-Chapter 432, C.15A:3A-3 (PDF).