Public Works and Utilities

The Public Works Department is headed by the Superintendent of Public Works.

Mechanical Service Department
2 mechanics 1- Foreman
  • Maintain all department vehicles. This includes Police, Fire, W& L, Engineering, Public Works, Sewer, Recreation, Health and Senior Citizen
  • Perform preventive maintenance and repair 110 pieces of off the road equipment
  • Maintain and repair 40 pieces of equipment
Roads Department
4 Employees- 1 General Foreman* (supervises Roads and Parks)
  • Maintain 55 miles of roads
  • Tree planting, town sidewalk , line painting and signs
  • Seasonal-snow plowing & leaf collection
Parks Department
8 Employees *
  • Maintain all athletic fields
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Seasonal - snow plowing and leaf collection
Sewer Department
3 – Employees
  • Maintain 55 miles of sewer lines
  • Clean and repair 950 catch basins
  • Maintain 7- pump stations
Madison Public Works Building Sign