Emergency & Non-Emergency Procedures

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To report an issue, please call (973) 966-7330. This number is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are experiencing a power outage, partial power, or flickering lights, please call at any time. If you observe downed wires, burning wires or equipment, large tree limbs on wires, please call at any time.

Never go near any downed wires!

If you observe a streetlight that is out at night or is on during the day, please call. Note that these are not emergencies. If you have a family member or an in-house resident that is on any form of life support, please notify the Madison Electric Department and the Madison Police Department.

The cable that runs from the utility pole to the point of attachment on your home or business is the responsibility of the Madison Electric Department. If the electric service to your home or business is underground, the cable and conduit are your responsibility.

The cable from the point of attachment to the electric meter box (including the meter box) and from the meter box into your home or business, is the responsibility of the owner. The electric meter is the responsibility of the Madison Electric Department.

If you have a pad mount transformer that sits on the ground in front of your property, you are not allowed to have shrubs or other types of permanent plantings within 2 feet of this equipment. These plantings can interfere with the operation of this equipment and are dangerous to the electric crews in the event they need to gain access to this equipment. The electric department will cut back or remove any obstruction.

If you are having construction work or new siding installed on you home, do not attempt to remove the electric meter or meter pan without notifying the Madison Electric Department. Any attempt by you or your contractor to remove this equipment, may result in death or serious injury. During extreme hot and humid weather, air-conditioners put an added demand on our system, so whenever possible, please shut off all non-essential electric lights and appliances.
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