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Contact the Mayor & Council


Contact Mayor Robert H. Conley

Mayor Conley Bio

  • Complete Streets Committee
  • Library Trustees
  • Local Emergency Planning Council
  • Open Space Recreation & Historic Preservation Advisory Committee
  • Planning Board
  • Shared Services-Board Of Education

Contact Council President John F. Hoover

Council Liaison for Community Affairs

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Downtown Development Commission
  • Housing Authority
  • Madison Community Pool

Contact Council Member Rachel Ehrlich

Council Liaison for Public Works & Engineering

  • Climate Action Committee
  • Complete Streets Committee
  • Environmental Commission
  • Parks Advisory Committee
  • Shade Tree Management Board
  • Sustainable Madison Advisory Committee
  • Whippany River Watershed Action Committee

Contact Council Member Robert E. Landrigan

Council Liaison for Utilities

  • Joint Meeting Finance/Personnel Committee
  • Local Emergency Planning Council
  • Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Advisory Committee
  • Patriotic Celebrations Committee
  • Recreation Advisory Committee
  • Utility Advisory Committee

Contact Council Member Eric Range

Council Liaison for Public Safety 

  • Complete Streets Committee
  • Joint Municipal Court
  • Local Emergence Planning Council
  • Museum of Early Trades & Crafts
  • Planning Board
  • Safety Committee
  • Shared Services - Board of Education 

Contact Council Member Tom Haralampoudis

Council Liaison for Health

  • Board of Education
  • Board of Health 
  • Community Garden Advisory Committee
  • Madison Alliance Addressing Substance Abuse
  • Madison Area YMCA
  • Shared Services - Board of Education

Contact Council Member Melissa Honohan

Council Liaison for Finance & Borough Clerk

  • Diversity Ad Hoc Committee
  • Historic Preservation Commission 
  • Joint Meeting Finance/Personnel Committee
  • Joint Municipal Court
  • Municipal Audit Committee
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