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Officer of the Year Header imageThe Chief Vincent D. Chirico - Officer of the Year Award is awarded to any employee of this agency who inspires Madison Police Officers and employees of the Madison Police Department to achieve the goal of ultimate recognition. The recipient is judged based on their outstanding performance, recognition of their work performance, positive attitude, professionalism, and dedication to themselves, the Madison Police Department, and our community of Madison New Jersey.

These accomplishments have allowed the "Officer of the Year" to remain an "Honor Above All Honors."

The "Chief Vincent D. Chirico Officer of the Year Award" is in honor of the beloved retired Chief of Police Vincent D. Chirico. Vinnie was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 29, 1948, and was raised in the Rose City. Vinnie always felt his calling was to serve others as a police officer in his community. Vinnie was sworn into the Madison Police Department as Badge Number 61 on November 10, 1969, and graduated the New Jersey Basic Recruit Training Class #119 in Sea Girt, NJ. Chief Chirico served as Madison Police Chief from 2004 before retiring in 2009. Chief Chirico served honorably, faithfully, and with distinction with the Madison Police Department for over 37 years. He was also a member of the Madison Fire Department Hose Company. 

In 2020, Chief Chirico lost his life to the COVID-19 virus at the age of 71. Since the tragedy, the Madison Police Department has honored his memory, by choosing an officer who best fulfills the criteria above.

All members of the Madison Police Department vote on a fellow officer for the recipient of this prestigious award. Award recipients may only be able to receive the award once. The award is presented following the annual Madison Christmas Parade on the day following Thanksgiving.



Patrolman Renato F. Capillas Jr. #164



Patrolman Jonathan M. Finocchiaro #161

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