Patient Records

By law, you have the right to copies of all patient records that the Borough of Madison maintains with regard to medical services that it might have provided to you or someone in your care. If you are in need of copies of your records please contact Madison Fire Department at (973) 593-3021. You will need to have completed and return to us an Original HIPPA Compliant Patient Records Release Form. No facsimile transmissions, email submissions, or copies of any release form will be accepted. The original must bear a verifiable signature, a date (not more than 30 days prior), and a witness signature if required. All records requests must be made out to the Madison Fire Department at the address of 62 Kings Road.  Any requests which do not comply with the borough's policies will not be processed.

Note: The borough maintains its records in compliance with applicable State Laws. Once records have met their required retention date an application is made to the State and records are only destroyed in accordance with the State's Destruction of Public Records Act, Chapter 410, PL 1953, and with the State's approval.