AdobeStock_498101813Welcome to Madisons solar energy information hub. Madison is working to encourage solar energy in our community. Here you will find a collection of solar information and resources. 

Solar Benefits: Solar energy saves money on energy costs, improves environmental quality by reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, and improves electric grid resilience by reducing demand at peak (summer afternoon) times. 

Madison has joined the US Department of Energy’s SolSmart program to help residents install and access solar energy. Our goal in SolSmart is to make it faster, easier, and more affordable for Madisonians to install solar energy systems.

Solar energy is growing in Madison. View the latest metrics for NJ here and for Madison at the tab at the end of this page. Then join the trend!

Start to learn about solar energy

Will solar work on your home?

  • Investigate your properties solar potential with Google’s Project Sunroof
  • Estimate the performance of potential PV projects with National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s PVWatts Calculator
  • For the local perspective, see a recent webinar sponsored by the Environmental Commissions of Madison and the Chathams

The economics of solar energy

  • View the Solar Financing Options in Madison below
  • How much will I save and what will my bill will look like? See a real Madison example below

So you have decided to install a solar energy system; the tabs below will help you find your installer and follow the right process in Madison for doing your installation.

  1. Residential Solar - Growing in Madison

Madison has about 5,000 single and two-family houses. As of April 2022, about 85 (~1.7%) have residential solar systems, all on their rooftops.

What is our objective? To do our part for New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan, Madison needs to have ~1,000 homes with solar systems by 2050; that requires that we average about 33 new systems each year. Today that rate is about 15.

PV Systems in MadisonTotal KW PV Systems in Madison

Today (April 2022) these 85 solar PV systems have a combined power rating of ~850 kW. For systems like this in NJ we can assume that each kW of power will produce 1200 kWh of energy in an average year. Therefore, these systems are producing ~ 1 GWh of energy annually, a small fraction (less than 1%) of the 130 GWh consumed annually in Madison

  1. How to Finance Your Solar System
  1. How Much Will You Save & Understanding Your Bill
  1. Finding the Right Solar Installer
  1. Options and New Technologies
  1. Your Madison Checklist – Process & Permits for your Solar Installation
  1. Introduction to Terms & Technology