Borough of Madison Installs Thirteen Lifesaving AED Call-Box Stations

Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps to Offer Free CPR Certification Course to All Madison Recreation Volunteers

Madison, NJ – November 6, 2018 – The Borough of Madison Recreation Department has installed three Automated External Defibrillator (AED) call-box stations and 10 AED cabinets’ at select playing fields and parks throughout the borough. 

An AED is a portable device that has the capability to check a hearts rhythm, and, if needed, administer an electric shock during cardiac arrest to the heart in hopes of restoring a normal rhythm. If an AED is used in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, the victim’s chance of survival is three times more likely. The three AED call-box stands have the capability that when removed, they automatically broadcast a message over the police radio channel to allow for an expedited response by the Madison Police Department and the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps (MVAC). The 10 AED cabinets are supplied with an AED, that when opened sets off an alarm. 

“The installation of the AEDs throughout Madison allow us to be prepared when an emergency situation arises,” said Robert H. Conley, Mayor. “The accessibility throughout Madison will make it possible for Madison Recreation volunteers who are trained in proper use of an AED to provide rapid defibrillation until medics arrive, in the event that it’s needed by a player, coach or spectator,” said Conley. 

Beginning on November 10th, the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps, in conjunction with the Borough of Madison, will be offering free CPR certification courses to all Madison Recreation volunteers. Classes will be held on two Sundays per month at the Ambulance Corps Building, 29 Prospect Street. Each class will be instructed by one of the MVAC’s certified trainers. Classes will begin at 9:00 a.m. and last approximately four hours. Each class has a limit of 10 participants. After successfully completing the course, participants will receive a 2-year Basic Life Support certificate. To sign up, please visit 

“We feel the presence of these AEDs at our athletic fields, along with the corresponding training program, will go a long way toward enhancing the safety of our players and spectators alike,” said Zach Ellis, Director of Recreation. “We would also like to extend our thanks to the leadership of the Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corps and specifically Paul Rogers and Kevin DeBiasse for providing a flexible course schedule for our coaches and volunteers,” said Ellis. 

The three AED call-boxes are located at the Madison Recreation Complex, Dodge Field Playground and Dodge Field Baseball Field. The 10 AED cabinets are located at Bayley Ellard Field, Memorial Field (Rosedale Soccer Field), Memorial Field Ice Rink, Summerhill Park, Niles Park, Lucy D. Anthony Complex, Rosedale Baseball Complex, Madison High School and Madison Junior School.

Residents are reminded that the use of AEDs are intended for life saving use only. In the event that an AED is used, please call 911 immediately. 

A PDF of the release can be found here