Borough of Madison to Offer 0% Interest Loans for Federal Workers Directly Affected by the Partial Government Shutdown

Madison, NJ – January 14, 2019 – Mayor Robert H. Conley announced at this evenings Council Meeting that the Borough of Madison will work with federal government employees that reside in Madison to offer assistance during the partial government shutdown, to ensure that residents are not displaced due to the effects of being furloughed without pay.

Through the Jacob Henry Perkins Trust, the borough will advance funds to establish 0% interest loans for families that are in need. This agreement would ensure that once the government re-opens and employees receive back pay for work during the shutdown that they would repay the trust with 0% interest.

The Borough of Madison will also seek legislation to waive interest charges on any municipal fees, which include but are not limited to, utility charges and property tax payments.

“As we all know, Madison is all about a strong sense of community, a community that stands and supports our residents, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. During this temporary government shutdown we understand that it is taking a toll on government workers not only in Madison, but nationwide,” said Mayor Conley. “Advancing funds from the Jacob Henry Perkins Trust will ease government workers during this difficult time,” continued Conley.

Government workers that are affected by the shutdown and would like to discuss the boroughs 0% interest loans are encouraged to contact Borough Administrator Raymond M. Codey at All inquiries will be kept anonymous and no public discussion will take place. 

A PDF of the release can be found here