New Jersey Transit Removes Seriously Diseased Copper Beech Tree at Madison Train Station

Madison, NJ – January 29, 2019 – New Jersey Transit is in the process of removing the seriously diseased Copper Beech tree on their property at the Madison Train Station at the corner of Kings Road and Prospect Street today.

The Borough of Madison Shade Tree Management Board arborist, along with an arborist from NJ Transit determined that the tree had come to the end of its circle of life, due to the drought this summer, and posed a significant safety hazard to residents as well as the Midtown Direct train tracks.

When the roots on Copper Beech trees eventually deteriorate, the tree does not lose a limb here and there; the whole tree uproots and falls over as one. This poses a safety issue for residents at and near the train station, including pedestrian and vehicular traffic. As resident safety is our top priority, NJ Transit, based on the recommendations by both arborists, determined it was necessary to remove the tree.

The Friends of the Madison Train Station have already begun to make arrangements to purchase and plant a native replacement Copper Beech Tree in it’s location when weather allows this spring. In addition, pieces of the trunk will be salvaged and repurposed.

A PDF of the release can be found here.