Joint Statement from the Borough of Madison and the Madison Police Department on the Death of George Floyd

Madison, NJ – May 30, 2020 – Mayor Robert H. Conley, Chief Darren P. Dachisen Sr. and Madison Police Chaplain Reverend A. Craig Dunn (Madison First Baptist Church) issue the following statement regarding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

“The horrific footage of the incident that recently occurred in Minneapolis is inconsistent and contrary to all that we (Madison and Madison Police Department) have not only learned while attending police academy, but what we have learned as human beings. What is depicted in the footage is not who MPD is as law enforcement professionals. We are equally disturbed and saddened to see the other officers on the scene not interject and prevent the tragic loss of life.

Madison Police Department (MPD) is an accredited agency, which not only requires the continuous training on topics like racial profiling, harassment, ethics, cultural diversity, use of force, dealing with mental illness and substance abuse to name a few, but also requires MPD to track and have an early warning system in place to alert command staff to use of force patterns and/or trends. Any and all use of force incidents are required to be properly reviewed by a member of our command staff. We want to encourage the Madison community that this type of behavior is not, and never will be, acceptable by any members of MPD. As an agency, MPD officers are provided tools and equipment which provide alternatives to the use of deadly force, as well as de-escalation techniques.

We will not allow what occurred in Minneapolis to tarnish the relationship with the residents of Madison, that MPD has focused on growing over the years through community outreach programs like National Night Out. On behalf of the Borough of Madison, our deepest sympathies go out to Mr. Floyd’s family during this unbearable time.”

A PDF of the release can be found here.