Madison Environmental Commission to hold Composting Eco Tip Forum

Madison, NJ – June 17, 2020 – Composting at its simplest is a mix of dried leaves and food waste, but it comes with lots of questions. To provide answers, the Madison Environmental Commission has tapped residents with varying styles of composting to participate in a community Eco Tip Forum via Zoom. The forum will be held virtually on June 24 at 7:00 P.M.

“We’ll offer feedback on the types of composters on the market—tumblers, Earth Machines and worm bins,” says Claire Whitcomb, chair of the Madison Environmental Commission. “And, we’ll have lots of time for questions and personalized advice. We’ve found that people learn best from their friends and neighbors,” continued Whitcomb.

For those who are curious about Java’s Compost new curbside service, Michelle Bradley, co-founder, will be on hand to answer questions. “We’re servicing a number of surrounding towns and are excited to have launched in Madison,” says Bradley. She points out that Java uses a commercial facility so it can accept items like meat, bones and dairy that can’t be composted in a backyard.

The benefits of composting are numerous. For homeowners, it provides nutrient-rich fertilizer, which enhances soil, retains water and stores carbon. Composting also recycles food waste without causing methane emissions in landfills. According to the Washington Post, methane is 28 times more potent than CO2. This is one reason why Project Drawdown has ranked reducing food waste as the number one action to fight climate change.

Registration for the Composting Eco Tip Forum is required. To sign up, visit A Zoom link will be provided two days before the event to registrants.

For questions, write to the Madison Environmental Commission by emailing