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Letter from Mayor Conley to all Madison Police Department Officers ahead of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Madison, NJ - January 8, 2021 - Mayor Robert H. Conley issues the following letter to all members of the Madison Police Department ahead of tomorrows National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: 

"Tomorrow, January 9 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, an important day every year but truly needed in 2021.

On Wednesday, as our Capitol Building was attacked, we saw the scary video of a Capitol Police officer being chased by thugs in the hallowed halls of Congress. This was a strong reminder that every day that an officer puts on the blue, he or she is not only ready to serve and protect but willing to put themselves in harm’s way.

On the local level in the middle of a pandemic, you continued to serve and protect. Responding to accidents, medical emergencies and while keeping our residents safe you did not let the spread of the COVID-19 virus stand in the way of your duty. When residents and neighbors gathered for the “End the White Silence” rally on the plaza of Hartley Dodge Memorial, you talked to the participants to develop community. And when those intent on causing disruption with verbal attacks, you remained calm. And had they been successful in disrupting the peaceful gathering, you were ready to restore calm.

And of course, not only do you wear the blue, but you also wear Madison on your sleeves, representing our great town in every neighborhood and on every street. I don’t want to forget the effort you made with creating special birthdays for our children, a former Mayor and even a centenarian with the drive-by celebrations. And of course, when it looked like Santa would not be able to visit, the Madison Police partnered with the Toto’s and the Fire Department, creating a holiday that wouldn’t be forgotten.

So, on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day let it be known that our residents truly appreciate those who every day put on the uniform of the Madison Police Department to serve our great community. Thank you for everything you do!"

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