Eviction Prevention Resource Guide

Given the current nature of COVID-19, Madison families may be at risk when/if the moratorium on eviction, Executive Order 106, which was signed by Governor Murphy expires. Although there is impending relief from new CARES packages, rental relief funds may not come in time for some of our Madison families. 

To assist Madison resident who are at risk of possible eviction, the Madison Alliance on Racial Equity (MARE) has prepared the below a bi-lingual eviction prevention resource guide to help our community navigate the confusing landscape of government and non-profit resources for families at risk of eviction. Eviction Prevention Resource Guide (MARE)_Page_1Eviction Prevention Resource Guide (MARE)_Page_2This resource guide is not a directory of non-profits in Morris Country or NJ; instead, it is purposely edited to provide a clearer assessment of where at-risk families can turn for help.

Download a PDF of this guide here.