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Public Participation in Virtual Meetings

For info on how to use Zoom, please click here

Participating during the public portion of the meeting 

During public comment parts of the meeting, if you would like to speak, please click the "Raise Hand" button, and we will be notified of your request to talk. Once recognized your microphone will me un-muted to allow you to speak. Once you have completed speaking your mic will be re-muted. 

For security reasons we cannot recognize anyone who is listed as anonymous or a phone number that is not identified. When you are recognized and un-muted you must first state your name and address before saying any questions/comments. Failure to do so may result in you being muted and/or disconnected.

The public will be given 3 minutes to speak, with a 1 minute grace period. After 4 minutes their mic. will be muted. Once your time is up your microphone will be muted and at that point your question(s)/comment(s) will be answered.

On computers, the "Raise Hand" button can be found in the Webinar Controls section, typically at the bottom of your screen. If you raise your hand on accident, feel free to "Lower Hand". 

On a mobile device the "Raise Hand" and "Lower Hand" buttons are typically found in the lower left corner of the screen

If you are only joining by dialing in, you can simply dial *9 and toggle between "Raise Hand" and "Lower Hand"

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