Communication Toolkit

This communication toolkit has been created for use by Borough of Madison employees, and those that have permission to use Borough of Madison Brand Identity. By downloading any of the below, you confirm that you have permission to use. Use of Borough of Madison Brand Identity without prior permission is impermissible. For questions, please contact the Communication & Technology Coordinator at or (973) 408-8789.

Brand Identity and Style Guide

On October 16, 2019 Mayor & Council adopted and approved Resolution 297-2019 (Resolution of the Borough of Madison Approving New Branding). With new branding in-place, a Brand Identity and Style Guide has been created for the Borough of Madison. Included in this style guide are rules and regulations as it pertains to the brand identity of Madison, including official logos and the ways to use specific variations of the logo, official colors, etc. 

Before you download any of the below toolkit tools, we ask that you please review the Brand Identity and Style Guide, which can be viewed here

All publications, including but not limited to: car logos, brochures, business cards, giveaways, posters, etc. must first be approved by the Communication & Technology Coordinator prior to printing. Branding of any sort must now display the new brand identity. Over the next five (5) years we will be replacing the identity on current borough property (cars, signs, business cards, etc.)Old Logos

Effective immediately, the use of the old Borough logo and letterhead are not permitted for use for new documents, forms, branding, etc. for external AND internal documents.

Borough of Madison Logo & Official Town Seal

The Borough of Madison logo should be on all communication materials. You can download several options below. Please refer to the Madison Brand Identity and Style Guide for the proper use of the primary and secondary logos as well as the Official Town Seal. 

Primary Mark


  • Primary mark: jpeg, png
  • Color variation for dark backgrounds: jpeg, png
  • Single color, black: jpeg, png
  • Since color, white: png

Primary Mark, Horizontal


  • Primary mark, horizontal: jpeg, png
  • Single color, black: jpeg, png
  • Since color, white: png

Secondary Marks

Please note that the secondary marks should not be used as primary marks. These marks will keep the brand cohesive and intact, while allowing for some flexibility when needed. These secondary alternate logos should be used as needed in situations where you want to focus on visibility, or a more paired- down logo is a better fit for the space within a design piece. If the Primary Mark would “get lost” if used in a small space, it is better to use an alternate logo. Please refer to the Madison Brand Identity and Style Guide for examples of use of the secondary marks. 

Borough of Madison Official Town Seal

The Official Town Seal is reserved for use on formal and official documents. The seal is the legal signature of the town clerk’s office. It must not be altered in any way. It is a one-color mark only, and can be used in black or reverse, or if necessary, in a foil. It can also be a letterpress seal or embossed. The Seal may not be used as an identifier for the Borough of Madison. It is not to be used on letterhead (other than as a watermark), envelopes, business cards, web pages or general publications.


If you need the Borough of Madison approved letterhead, powerpoint or envelope templates, you may download them below. 

  1. Letterhead
  2. PowerPoint Template
  3. Envelopes


  1. Email Footer
  2. Computer Backgrounds
  3. Out of Office

Click here to access the email signatures

Business Cards
When communicating with internal and external audiences it is important to be consistent in the presentation of materials to remain a professional look, and to appropriately associate correspondence with the Borough of Madison. As such, one official business card design has been created.

When ordering business cards, we recommend using ABC Printing, as they currently have the business card template on file. If you wish to order business cards from another company, please ensure they follow the guidelines in the Madison Brand Identity and Style Guide, and reach out to the Communication & Technology Coordinator for the Adobe InDesign file. 

Business Card Sample