Brand Toolkit

The Importance of the Borough of Madison Brand

People come to Madison for the character of its history and stay for the promise of their future. Consistent use of the Borough of Madison, and the respective departments, visual identity branding adds value to each department while reinforcing the rich history of philanthropists, commerce, food, railroads, religion, immigration, education, and politics.

One way we project our brand is through logos, colors, and other marks. These symbolize the innovative work done each day by our elected officials, employees, and volunteers, and accordingly, these icons should be crisp, consistent, and elegant. To that end, with the assistance of an outside contractor, the Communication Department has produced this updated Brand Toolkit to help more effectively promote and protect our brand collectively, including guidelines on how to use borough logos in a brochure or poster presentation, on a website, or even a vehicle.

With this important resource, we can help ensure that the quality of our branding is consistent throughout Madison, Morris County, New Jersey, and beyond.


Borough Branding

MPD Badge

MPD Branding

MFD Patch

MFD Branding

On October 16, 2019, Mayor & Council adopted and approved Resolution 297-2019 (Resolution of the Borough of Madison Approving New Branding). By downloading any logos, you confirm that you have permission to use them. Use of Borough of Madison Brand Identity without prior permission is impermissible. For questions, please contact the Communication Director at or (973) 408-8789.