New Employee

Welcome to the Borough of Madison. We are excited to have you here!

This webpage is filled with information that will be beneficial to you before your first day. We ask that you please look it over thoroughly. 

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sandy Emmerich
(973) 593-3050 

Before You Begin:

To help with the on-boarding process, please find below the forms which are required to be submitted on your first day.  Theses are fillable forms. Please fill them out, print them and bring them with you on your first day.

This is the required employee withholding allowance certificate. It's required to be filled out by all employees.

In addition to the I-9 form, please bring acceptable identification, which includes a passport - or - a drivers license AND a copy of your social security card (see page 3 for more information).

Direct Deposit
In addition to the direct deposit form, please bring either a copy of a void check, or information from your bank/bank website which shows the routing and account numbers.

Contact Information
This information is for emergency use only.

Emergency Alert System
This system will be used to send alerts in the event of borough department closures.

Parking Permit
Will you need to park your car? If so, please fill out the parking permit application. Your permit will be available on your first day. 


Dental Insurance
Our Dental provider is Delta Dental. A benefit summary sheet can be found at the above link.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance and Prescription Plans

  1. Premium Rates by Plan
  2. Percentages by coverage and salary

Our medical insurance provider is State Health Benefits. In this link you will find a summary outlining and comparing each of the five plans offered by the Borough of Madison, the premiums for each plan, and a percentage chart to calculate your cost based on your salary.

SHBP Waiver
If you elect to not participate bring in a copy of your current health care provider insurance card. You may be entitled to a healthcare reimbursement up to $5,000 depending on your coverage plan.

Additional Documents for Reference

Borough Holiday Schedule 

Payroll Schedule

On Your First Day:

Parking will be available in the Borough Employee Parking lot on Maple Avenue.Maple Ave

Please remember to bring the above required forms, along with required documentation. Your supervisor should direct you to the Personnel Department where you will need to turn our forms into, receive your parking pass and get your employee ID and number, which is required for punching in and out every day. 

During your visit to the Personnel Department you will have an opportunity to meet your fellow employees before returning to your respective department. 

Additional benefits offered:

Lincoln Financial Group

What is a 457 retirement plan? 

The 457 is a tax-deferred retirement plan designed to help you to invest regularly for your retirement. It is offered to you through your employer, and is available only to public employees and certain employees of many tax-exempt organizations. Your contributions are taken directly from your salary before it is taxed, and each plan offers you a selection of investment options.

If you are interested in enrolling or have any questions regarding the 457 retirement plan, please contact Lincoln Financial Group at 1-800-445-2448, Bruce Linger at extension 4564.

Aflac Disability Insurance

If you are interested in finding out about Aflac Insurance (costs are 100% borne by the employee) please contact James Close, Aflac agent, directly at 973-492-3900.

FDU Federal Credit Union

If you are interested in finding out about the FDU Federal Credit Union, please contact Member Services at 973-443-8915.


The Madison Area YMCA offers Borough of Madison employees a discount. Please see Sandy Emmerich or email for more information and application.

Employee Assistance Program

The Borough offers an Employee Assistance Program, CONCERN, through the Atlantic Health System. This is confidential short time counseling for employees and their families. They can offer you support and direction towards resolving your challenges. Call 800-242-7371.