Commuter Residents Parking Permits

Parking information for Commuter Residents 

The Borough of Madison offers parking permits to Commuter Residents. The applicant must be a resident of the Borough.

Parking for commuters is available Monday through Friday from 4:30 A.M. to 2:00 A.M. in the following lots:

  • Kings Road Lot
  • Prospect Street Lot

Registered vehicles must display a valid parking permit by hanging it on the vehicle's rearview mirror. 

Information About the Parking Permit

The parking permit fee is $450.00. Acceptable forms of payment for parking permits are check and money order. 

In order to obtain a parking permit, residents must provide proof of Madison residency by uploading a copy of their New Jersey Drivers License. Those residents whose license does not yet reflect Madison residency must upload their most recent Madison Water/Electric Utility bill.

In addition to proof of residency, all applicants must upload their vehicle registration. All registrations will be checked through the Motor Vehicle Database. 

Residents who currently hold a parking permit will have the opportunity to renew before residents on the waiting list are contacted.

Applicants are able to enter vehicle information for up to two cars. Please note that this does not permit the parking of two cars at the same time. Each parked car requires its own permit.  

Each dwelling will be permitted one (1) parking permit, as permits become available. Those who currently hold two (2) will be grandfathered in.

Information in regards to Parking Lots can be found in Chapter 134 of Borough Code