Madison War Dead (KIA)

AdobeStock_204036741As a means of respect for the thousands of Madison Residents that made the supreme sacrifice and served in the military between the Revolutionary War and the Afghanistan War, we have listed those Madison residents who were killed in action below.

The Madison Patriot Celebrations Committee works to ensure that this list is up-to-date and accurate. We apologize for any unintentional errors or omissions. If you have a loved one that was unintentionally omitted from the below list, please contact for their name to be added. 

Revolutionary War
Horton, Rev. Azariah

Mexical Boarder War
Twomey, John Jr.

Civil War
Allen, Theron
Bruen, Merritt
Crane, George W.
DeForrest, Amidee
Genung, Andrew J.


World War I
Barkan, Jacob
Cosgrove, Frank E.
Dowling, Joseph P.
Judson, Curtis
Koerner, Edward
Landolfi, Dominico
LoSapio, Giovanni
Mazzocca, Joseph
Nudo, James
Patterson, Frank
Ratti, Harry A.
Roberts, Amabel Scharff
Sidman, Elmer T.
Vibbert, Robert

Korean War
Coursen, Samuel Streit (awarded the Medal of Honor)
Keppel, William J., Jr.
O'Donnell, William J., Jr.
Smith, Howard R.

Vietnam War
Coll, John T., Jr .
Engle, Russell ("Rusty") W.
Markovich, Douglas J.
Meister, William A.
Murphy, Robert L.
Piano, Ralph Ernest, Jr.
Pierson, Robert E.
Torrani, Peter  M.
Tully, Walter B., Jr.

Afghanistan War
Quinlan, John A.
World War II
Allen, James P.
Arianno, Salvatore J.
Blake, Wilfred K., Jr.
Cardarella, John L.
Cervone, James
Davis, Philip H.
Engle, Everett N.
Esposito, Alexander J.
Felch, Harold
Felton , Ralph A.
Felton, Robert P.
Filippone, Michael J.
Finelli, Nicholas
Gaitan, William C.
Geotis, John N.
Graham, John T.
Griffith, Robert H.
Hageman, Robert L., Jr.
Holly, Werner J.
Hopping, Frederick W.
Howe, John
lnnacone, Michael
Kettenring, Edward N.
Lambie, George D.
Livesey, William F., Jr.
Maioran, Pasquale, Jr.
Matlack, Vincent
Mesler, Walter V., Jr.
Millar, Nelson E.
Piccola, Charles L.
Reddert, William P.
Rice, Jacob G.
Rickey, Robert D.
Robinson, George H.
Ryan, Joseph A.
Sloan, Edward J.
Spagnolia, John, Jr.
Stilwell, John V.
Stoddard, John O.
Tamburri, Dominic C.
Tracy, John T.
Tucker, Allen R.
Walpole, Gordon A.
Wann, Harry A., Jr .
Watson, John H.
Wick, John W.