Animal Control

For Animal Control issues, contact Madison Police Department at (973) 593-3000

The Borough of Madison provides animal control services by highly trained professionals through a contract with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center of Madison.

Services for domestic animals such as dogs & cats include collection and sheltering, quarantine for rabies control, and assistance with trap, neuter and release (TNR) programs for feral cat populations.

Services for non-domesticated, small wild animals include, guidance for control of wild animals nesting on an owner’s property, and removal or removal assistance of wild animals that enter a home.

Wild animals such as foxes, turkeys, bears and coyotes can be sighted in our community. If they are not creating a nuisance and are transient, they are considered natural to our area. If they cause damage, appear sickly or are aggressive, please review the NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife Website, NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife or call the Police Dept.

Please note that all calls concerning animal control matters should continue to be directed to the police department at (973) 593-3000.

Additional services provided by St. Hubert’s for Madison residents

Madison’s animal control contact with St. Hubert’s also affords Madison residents with additional benefits and services beyond traditional animal control. These services include:

Removal of Deceased Animals:

St. Hubert’s will remove deceased dogs and cats from resident’s property and dispose of the remains at no charge to the resident.

Ambulance Services:

St. Hubert’s will provide free ambulance services for pets of residents who are unable to handle or have no means to transport of their sick and/or injured dogs or cats to a local veterinarian.   

Surrender of Owned Dogs and Cats:

Residents may surrender to St. Hubert’s their own dogs or cats that they are unwilling or unable to continue to keep without charge.

Resident’s interested in any of these additional services should contact St. Hubert’s directly at (973) 377-2295.