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OEM Roster

The Local Emergency Planning Council was formed in August 2003. Tasked with coordinating any local emergency’s that arise (natural disasters), the council operates Madison’s Office of Emergency Management. 1-year term appointments are made each January at the Reorganization Meeting, or throughout the year as needed.

  • John Rafter, OEM Coordinator
  • John Miscia, Police Chief, OEM Coordinator
  • Joseph Longo, Police Captain, Deputy Coordinator
  • Robert Landrigan, Council Member, OEM Assistant Coordinator
  • Mike Shugrue, OEM Assistant Coordinator
  • Robert H. Conley, Mayor
  • Eric Range, Council Liaison
  • Rachel Ehrlich, Council Liaison
  • Raymond Codey, Administrator
  • James Burnet, Assistant Administrator/CFO
  • Michael Pellessier, Public Information 
  • Dennis Harrington, Assistant Borough Engineer 
  • Russ Brown, Construction Official
  • Kenneth O'Brien, Director of Public Works

  • James Mattina, Electric Utility Superintendent
  • Kyle Wickman, Fire Chief 
  • Megan Avallone, Health Officer
  • Medical Representative 
  • Sarah Fischer, Board of Education Representative
  • Samuel DeMarzo, Auxiliary Police
  • Madison Eagle
  • Chris Manak, MCJM (Sewer) Superintendent
  • Drew University Representative
  • Peter Frank, School Resource Officer
  • Kristy Kiehl, Secretary
  • Jeff Paul, Morris County OEM Director
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