Road Improvement Program

Milling & Paving Schedules

*Updated* Milling Schedule as follows:
Friday (8/18) - Lathrop, Gibbons
Monday (8/21) - Park, Howell, Locust
Tuesday (8/22) - Valevue, Tracy

*Updated* Paving Schedule as follows:
Monday (8/21) - Lathrop, Gibbons
Tuesday (8/22) - Park, Howell, Locust
Wednesday (8/23) - Valevue, Tracy

Completed Streets: Dean Street, Brittin Street, Maple Avenue, Kings Road (Green Village Road to Chatham Boro), Prospect Place, Fairwood Road, Oxford Lane, Lorraine Road (half mill), and West End Avenue (half mill). 

  • During the working hours, all vehicles will be restricted from parking in the construction area and the road will be closed to through traffic. You may be restricted from entering/exiting your driveway. At the end of the day, construction areas will be accessible.
  • If you intend to use your vehicle during the work hours, please park your vehicle outside of the construction area.
  • Emergency “NO PARKING” will be enforced by the Madison Police Department during construction if vehicles impede progress. Specific scheduling problems may be directed to the office of the Borough Engineer.
  • The Engineering Department 973-593-3061 or Police Department 973-593-3000 can be contacted for traffic information and assistance. 

The inconvenience is relatively short term since the improvements last for many years. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dates of scheduled work will be posted on this page as well as on the Borough Facebook page when they become available.

Click here for a map (PDF) of included streets.