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Milling operations tomorrow, August 23, 2016: Cross, Cottage, Crescent

Wednesday, August 24, 2016: West, Kinney, Loantaka

Manhole raising, base repair and spot curbing to begin Wednesday, through Thursday.  

Paving scheduled to begin Friday, August 26, 2016.
The Borough of Madison has hired Cifelli & Son Construction to completely resurface Crescent Road, Cross Street, Cottage Place, Kinney Street, Loantaka Terrace and West Street.  Weather permitting, two days of milling work will begin on Tuesday, August 23rd, and three dayofpaving is expected to follow.  Every effort will be made to minimize the inconvenience to the public.  Individual driveways will not be blocked during milling for more than one hour, but paving will make the street inaccessible for half a day. Lines will be repainted soon.
Work will begin at 7:30 AM, so if you live on one of these streets, it will be important to move your car to temporary parking designated by the Police Department before that.  Emergency “No Parking” zones will be strictly enforced during construction. 
This brief inconvenience is rewarded by improvements that last for many years.

Traffic Alert, July 27, 2016:  Kings Road is open. It was paved curb to curb - all construction is complete. The PSEG subcontractors have moved from Central Avenue to East Street. Miller Pipeline (another PSE&G subcontractor) has completed working on Cross Gates Road which continued for at least two weeks.
Haverfield Aviation assisted JCP&L with the inspections of all JCP&L transmission lines. The inspections will began July 1, 2016 through Tuesday, July 5, 2016. The pilot will be in communication with any local airports, when in their air space. The helicopter will be flying at a speed of about 35-40 mph above or alongside the lines, and may circle around for a closer inspection.   The helicopter is black with tail number N502P. 

Traffic Alert: June 23, 2016: Cross Street closed for water main replacement. The best access for Cottage Place and 171 Main Street residents will be Main Street.  Cross Street is now open.

PSE&Gs subcontractor will be replaced gas services on Westerly Avenue and Lorraine Road June 14, 2016 through June 17, 2016.  Gas service replacement continued on Lorraine Road. Work began at 7 a.m. and concluded around 4:30 p.m.  Westerly Road gas service replacement was completed by the end of day on June 13, 2016.  Both roads are now open to local traffic.

Traffic Safety Bureau Report: Greenwood Ave. has reopened. PSE&G replaced a gas valve in the middle of Greenwood Ave. at West End Ave; Central Ave. remained open.
Cross Street reopened on June 8, 2016. 

Paving on Fairview Avenue began on May 26, 2016 at 7:00 a.m. starting on Greenwood Avenue towards Ridgedale.  Garbage pickup continued with its normal schedule.  

Lorraine Road / Greenwood Ave – Gas Line Replacement
Lorraine Road / Central Avenue – Gas Line Replacement
Surrey Lane / West End Avenue – Gas Line Replacement
Crescent Road – Cifelli Curb and Drainage
Fairview Avenue – Paving of Trench
Ridgedale Avenue / Park Avenue – Gas Line Repair

Contact the Engineering Office with any questions at (973) 593-3061.  Thank you for your cooperation. 
 -  - - 

Tilcon has completed the resurfacing of Court, Parkside, Hillcrest, Highview, Union, Essex, Seven Oaks, Sinclair, the Madison Recreation Complex access road, and the library parking lots.  The residents’ cooperation was greatly appreciated.  Special thanks to the traffic safety unit of Madison Police Dept for keeping roads safe during construction and keeping residents up to date on progress via the Nixle alert system.  Signage and striping will be completed by separate contractors under the county cooperative pricing agreement.

Cifelli & Sons Construction initiated the 2016 Road Improvement work on Loantaka Terrace this week.  Subcontractor Reivax Construction has started the water utility work on West Street.  Kinney, West, Cross Streets, Cottage Pl, Crescent Ave and Loantaka Terrace are scheduled for work over the next two months.  Sidewalk deflections caused by Borough tree roots, which the staff have recorded over the past year, will also be replaced by the contractor under this contract.  Sidewalk sections on Rosedale Ave, Spring Garden Dr and Greenwood Ave have already been replaced.

The Prospect Street Road Reconstruction was recently awarded a $172,500 NJDOT grant.  Final cost estimates have been produced and transmitted to the state.  An appropriation request for $500,000 has been made to fund this work from municipal general capital.

- - -

Public road construction work is specified to minimize access limitations for the public wherever possible.  You may expect separate contacts from the General Contractor during the course of the public construction contract.  Contractor and municipal inspector will coordinate with residents in the immediate vicinity of work to minimize inconvenience.  Property access limitations during curb and sidewalk replacement can last for up to 72 hours to allow for concrete curing.  Milling operations will have short access limitations of 2 hours while heavy equipment passes your driveway.  Final paving operations will normally restrict access for 4-6 hours to allow for adequate compaction and cooling of new pavement.

Your cooperation is requested during the time of construction to remove/relocate the automobiles you intend to use by approximately 7:30 a.m. on construction days when the contractor is active in your vicinity and access limitations are expected. This will minimize interruption of construction work and allow the contractor to finish as soon as possible. Temporary Parking on a minor local street within 1000 feet of your home/business may be anticipated with the cooperation of the Police Department.  Emergency “NO PARKING” will be enforced by the Police Department during construction if vehicles impede progress.

The paving contractor Tilcon NY, Inc, had been retained by the Borough of Madison to complete the resurfacing of six local roads. Milling operations began
 on April 28, 2016 and included Seven Oaks Circle, Court Place, Parkside Avenue, Union Avenue, Hillcrest Road and Highview Terrace. 
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